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What is a record producer? What exactly do they do? Are they a technician, a computer operator, a music Guru, an A&R specialist? Are they necessary? Has modern technology rendered them obsolete?

On this Toby on the whole truth patron broadcast, we discuss the role of the producer both past and present. Having spent over 10 years producing records for big and small bands alike, I can certainly reveal my personal experiences of this conundrum and hopefully shine a light on the reality of what it means to be in the studio working with musicians who are attempting to demonstrate and reveal their personal and often precious view of the world to an unsuspecting public.

As a young musician myself, I benefited from the experience and knowledge of some of the worlds greatest record producers at a time when record producers were the kings of the recording process.

Since the advent of digital technology and the ability for musicians to determine their own sound without interference, the world of record production has changed immeasurably. These days, it seems that bands and artists believe that they do not need an outside influence to help them realise their vision. Is this correct? Or are they making a major mistake by not having somebody who could look in from the outside to spot where things are going wrong? 

I believe that record producers are probably more needed now than ever before, but it is a hot topic in the music business, as budget shrink and record sales disappear. But art is art, and still needs a very careful hand as it is very easy to disappear down the rabbit hole I’m trying to see the wood for the trees as a creative.

Join Toby and The Whole Truth where this question will be posed and you can ask me anything you like about the role of the mysterious, enigmatic, thoroughly confusing job of the music producer.

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