Video Vault

Prepare to be captivated as Toby unravels the tales woven into the very fabric of his musical journey in this expansive video playlist of songs and stories. Delve deep into an enchanted realm of emotions as he unveils the hidden narratives behind favourite songs and cherished albums, including exclusive live acoustic performances. From the beginnings of Little Angels to the soul-stirring resonance of his solo endeavours, to Wayward Sons and beyond; get ready for an experience that pulls back the curtain and reveals what went on behind the scenes. Toby unearths the symphonic secrets of his extensive back catalogue, painting a vivid tapestry of musical storytelling that will ignite your senses.

Join Toby in his home studio as he becomes the Digital Busker and performs live acoustic covers featuring bands and music artists who have had a huge impact on his own song writing. With a wide range of influences including Queen, David Bowie, Bryan Adams, ELO, Dio, Squeeze, The Beatles, The Eagles, Huey Lewis and the News, and many more, Toby brings a fresh perspective to these timeless classics. Stripping classic songs back to just vocals and an acoustic guitar, he captures the essence of each song while adding his own personal touch. Toby’s passion for music shines through in his interpretations, as he pays homage to the artists who have shaped his musical journey.