Ok, so this isn’t the FIRST Queen cover I’ve done! But how can I, a self confessed super fan, stop at one! It’s impossible, and truth be known, I could easily pick a dozen songs of theirs to cover and still be thinking “I’ve missed one out”.

Yes, I know this song is almost sacred (like so many) but I couldn’t help but give it a go, and it’s a delight to sing, and there is no mystery why it ended up as a stone cold Queen classic, as it embodies so many of their unique traits; the theatrical pomp, the operatic vocals, the bombast, the attention to detail, the wonderful guitar solo!! And perhaps above all the highly emotionally charged vocal from Fred. This may have been his (slightly) tongue in cheek pastiche of gospel but it is so much more, he MEANS it, and is quite a revealing song and so wonderfully joyful. It invites us all to admit we’re all looking for somebody to love, and when it’s from the lips of the worlds greatest entertainer you can’t help but submit.

I hope I’ve done it justice, it IS a risk but I couldn’t help myself.


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