My name is Toby Jepson and I have spent over 30 years working as a musician at an international level.

I’ve written and produced hit records, toured the world umpteen times, hung out with and befriended outrageously successful people, recorded at some of the world’s most amazing studios, stayed in some of the world best hotels and dined at the finest restaurants, as well as survived on one kebab a week whilst making the back of a transit van in the winter my home. I’ve made a life in the hardest game there is and for what reward?

Often very little. 

Who are we? The rock stars? What does that even mean? 

I’ve long thought that the music business, with all its perceived glory, debauchery, wealth, privilege, stardom fame etc etc, has been badly misrepresented; the reality is so very different, so much harder and demanding than you could ever know at the beginning of the dream. 

Why is this? Yes, It’s certainly the media at large that are to blame for the perception as they love to ramp up the bad behaviour of ‘rock stars’ and attach drama to every aspect of their lives; it’s good column inches and sells newspapers – we know this – but it’s SO much more than that. It takes a certain character, a certain focus, a dogged determination and a willingness to never quit to really succeed – often at the expense of personal relationships and your own mental health. 

So, who are we? These so called ‘rock stars’? And who are the people that surround us? The managers, agents, merchandisers, road managers, record label bosses and music producers? What’s their story? How does all this fit together? 

My question is: What do the musicians and the key workers themselves think of themselves? and what does the successful working musician really feel about his or her music and the journey they have experienced to get there? What’s the motivation behind the glittery curtain and how, in the face of overwhelming odds, do you keep going?

In my new series of podcasts – TOBY AND THE WHOLE TRUTH – I seek to uncover the reality of what it means to live and work as a successful person in the real music business. I’ve interviewed characters from every sector of this crazy yet obsessively addictive world to try uncover what it really takes to reach beyond the dream, step out of the garage and bedroom to escape the ‘normal’ world and become a success against the odds in the most competitive business there is. 

Successes, failures, mental health battles, dreams verses reality, relationship struggles, excess, boredom and the mediocrity of a world hidden from view are all tackled in this compelling series of conversations between two working music business professionals.

Think you know the truth about a life existing in the world of ‘rock no roll’?

Think again.

With the ‘Toby and the Whole Truth’ Patreon community this will be much more than a simple ‘behind the scenes’ scenario. This is my life as a music artist, film maker, podcaster, broadcaster and music producer laid out for you to enjoy at your leisure but not only that, it is also an opportunity for you to help inform me as I continue to pursue my passion for creativity in the arts. Expect exclusive music, videos, live streams, merchandise, special member only events, patron clubs (music, movies, books, and songwriting) PLUS unseen materials from my archives,  and much more.