Thanks so much to everyone who took the time to watch my live broadcast last night on Facebook, it really was a tonic to see so many of you there 😀

In uncertain times, it is often the arts that we turn to for comfort and connection and we are fortunate to live in the age of communication so it’s not a surprise that so many musicians and entertainers of all types have shifted their focus into on-line activities. It is astounding how adaptable we are as a race and, I for one, am choosing to put my personal emphasis on trying to help rather than letting this current situation get me down, so as I explained last night I am doing the following:

📣 Launching my brand new website

It is now live! Take a look if you wish: www.tobyjepsonofficial.com 

📣 Digital busking and regular live broadcast

Every Thursday night at 8pm I will be broadcasting from my home. These broadcasts will be based around what I’m calling a ‘digital busk’ where I will play a few songs from my career, that YOU can choose. I will also be inviting questions but above all want to simply start conversations about any topic; how you are coping with the current situation? What books you’re reading? Which films and TV are you watching? What’s going on in your world? I may set topics so we can all be in the same page, but really it’s a way of keeping connected; pure and simple.

As mentioned I will be including a link for contributions should you wish to donate to my ‘digital busker electronic cap’, there is no obligation what so ever, but like so many of us, my work has halted completely until who knows when so any help is massively appreciated.

📣 Album release

I am also intending to re-release a 25th anniversary special edition of my very first solo effort: ‘Ignorance is bliss’ – put out under the moniker ‘Toby and the Whole Truth’.

This edition will include two previously unreleased songs, a booklet including a full synopsis about the history and recording of that record curated by myself + a digital download version of the album. There will also be a Delux digital package which will include videoed versions of some of the songs from the album, with the story of each song explained, and also a PDF containing hand-written versions of the lyrics and stories behind the songs and album.

We are putting all this together at the moment for a pre-sale which will be announced in due course.

📣 Cover versions

I will also be video recording cover versions of songs and releasing them via my social media outlets as and when I can. Again, I’d love to hear from you about this.

📣 Podcast show

I am beginning the recording of a number of interviews with friends and colleagues from throughout the entertainment business to chat about their experiences, doubts, failures, triumphs, anxieties motivation and reasons behind their life choices. It is designed to be a casual ‘one on one’ conversation between two professionals that will attempt to get below the surface beyond the normal interviews. So many of us have suffered mental health issues in the music business and it is rarely talked about, but it is a very human frailty that can be often overlooked with regard to the arts, so I’m keen to shine a light on that subject specifically. It should be compelling listening. I have already secured nine very interesting candidates and the first will be available in the very near future. You’ll be able to access the podcast via my new website as well as the usual digital platforms.

📣 I know we are all worried about the immediate future, but we can and will get through it together. I hope this helps a little along the way.

See you next Thursday!

Stay safe and well.

Best regards to all,

Tobe X 💚 X