There is something mysterious about the nature of what we call the ‘timeless’ track…why is that? Well, I’d argue it’s a combination of pure song writing where the subject matter can be applied to ANY era because it echo’s a sentiment that is universal and deeply human – in the case of this song – a sense of fun. But it also has to be inspired and recorded with an unbridled spirit.
When those moments of inspiration are visited on writers and performers, a big part of the trick is to let the idea lead you forward, don’t try to examine it too closely or you risk unravelling the very thing that makes it tick – just go with it!
It’s about vision and clarity, about not over playing or trying too hard. So much of art is about preserving the rough edges
actually, as perfection is really built of imperfect things.
This track has all of those hall marks, you can hear the fun the band are having, the spirit is evident from the moment the track starts – there’s a hugeness, not only to the sound, but to the feel and delivery – you feel right there with them. I love so much of what this band did in their incredible career, but I
think this song stands out as a career high – perhaps arguably their finest moment is so many ways – the sum of the parts personified, Van Halen – PANAMA.

. Official Website: http://www.van-halen.com/

Van Halen Panama