Chances are you will possibly own at least one of the BIG records legendary producer Mike Fraser has been involved with. Maybe it’s The Cult ‘Sonic Temple? Aerosmith ‘Pump’? AC/DC ‘The Razor’s Edge? Coverdale/Page? Metallica ‘Load’? Slipknot ‘Iowa’, Thunder’s ‘Backstreet Symphony’? The list goes on…

I met Mike back in 1993 when Little Angels were touring the ‘Jam’ album, and he was the last producer to work with the band, recording the ‘Ten Miles High’ single.

Years later I worked with him on The Virginmarys ‘Cast The First Stone’ EP and we struck up a great friendship. Since then he has mixed a number of records for me and we continue to stay in touch and plan to work with each other whenever we can.

I think Mike is one of the greatest mix engineers the world has ever seen, his ability to get the best of a recording is quite simply staggering and something of a dark art, so it’s a delight to be able to offer this podcast as a way of understanding the man behind the legend.

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